Matthew Fay

Matthew Fay

Programmer, technician, system administrator and all-around problem solver. I have a passion for automation and computer systems engineering. In my spare time I make websites and tinker with home and cloud infrastructure.

Sometimes I write about my interests

Ad-blocking with a cloud-hole

Ad-blocking is an ongoing war of developers and advertisers. For some people, removing all ads is as simple as installing an ad-blocking extension. For mobile users, things get trickier. For consoles and embedded devices, your chances of successfully blocking ads take a sharp dive.

What if you could block all ads on all devices on your entire network by changing a single setting in your router?

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Deploying from git via ftp

Lets take advantage of GitLab’s Continuous Integration support, known as gitlab-ci. The project in question will have to be hosted on, unless you have your own (perhaps Dockerized) GitLab and want to implement your own runners.

I use this for websites – deploying straight from git to a staging site – but it’s designed to build and test your code for other projects, too.

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If you’re interested in more of my writing, you can find my blog here. I usually post tech-related guides or procedures for various tasks.
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I’ve also collected a number of scripts I’ve written for different purposes. I try to keep them generic, singularly focused, and hopefully useful.
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Web hosting

I provide domain registration and web hosting based in Sydney, Australia. The plans are affordable, straightforward, and come with cPanel access.
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I also specialise in web design and managed hosting – if you’re interested, please contact me below and tell me a little about your project and requirements.

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