Check_MK PushBullet notifications

This python script drops into your OMD sites notification folder and is accessible through WATO as a custom notification type. Configure your API key and a channel tag and it will push it to your channel.

2017-06-22 Note: With the update to OMD version 1.4.0, an issue has appeared with this script exiting with the error, Output: ImportError: No module named os. The solution is to append PYTHONHOME="$OMD_ROOT/" to the .profile of the OMD user with this issue, which should also fix some other Python-related issues. (Reported by Chotaire)

2018-12-06 Note: Thanks again to Chotaire, who found an issue relating to compatibility with the version of Python supplied by Check_MK Enterprise. To that end, we should use the hashbang #!/usr/bin/env python instead of relying on the system Python, improving script portability.